Good News Keeps Flowing in: Nimble Group Gains the “Brand Influence Example Award of Real Estate Enterprises”


Themed with “Call for the Real Estate Civilization 4.0 with Reverent Heart and Undaunted Appearance in 2020”, the 10th Real Estate Financial Innovation Summit of the 17th China’s Financial Annual Champion Awards was convened in Beijing on 29 November 2019. By dint of its distinguished comprehensive strength and brand influence, Nimble Group notched up the “2019 Brand Influence Example Award of Real Estate Enterprises” at this summit.

It is understood that the Real Estate Financial Innovation Summit of China’s Financial Annual Champion Awards, initiated by Hexun and co-organized by the Stock Exchange Executive Center (“SEEC”) and Hexun Financial Club (China), is an annual shindig regarding finance and real estate, where domestic hotshots from economics academia and real estate industry flocked in an attempt to summarize a new cognitive orientation derived from the industry-wide change and to grope for an approach to sustainable development.

(Snapshot of the summit)

Nimble has received a bunch of glad tidings, recently, harvesting a bumper crop of awards of poverty reduction, public welfare and brand. Accordingly, winning the “2019 Brand Influence Example Award of Real Estate Enterprises” is not only a full affirmation by the industry to its ever-rising brand value, but also a proof positive of its formidable integral strength, indicates analysis.

As 21 years have gone by, Nimble now grows into a renowned national comprehensive enterprise group covering diversified pluralistic businesses of livelihood residential construction, urban renewal, life service, hospitality and commercial operation, property leasing, cultural tourism development and quality education. So far, more than 100 boutique projects have been successfully developed nationwide under the brand series of “Splendid” and “Nimble”.

(Statewide Footprint of the Group)

For the future, Nimble will keep on innovation and take the fulfillment of people’s need for a better life as its duty in a new era. Furthermore, it will inject its development power into regional economy and urban sustainability, deliver quality products and services to the customers, and work up more recipes for urban happiness, thus making the dream of a better life within easy reach.  

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